• Current situation:

SSC sized 100FTEs is operating 2 years in Poland.
Processes: PTP, OTC, RTR, servicing Europe in 13 languages.

Standardization processes has been accomplished on SSC side. SSC has well documented processes, lean project is in the planning phase. SLAs after learning curve are “green” on a continuous basis.

• Challenges:

Although Accuracy and Timelines are in the line with initial expectations, Internal Customers are highly dissatisfied with SSC service. In consequence:

SSC experiences significant escalations, attrition raises from 20% to 30%, staff on both sides is dissatisfied. The cost of SSC functioning is increased about 20% on y-o-y basis cannibalizing standardization effect. Further processes are stopped to be transitioned until trust to the Center is recovered. General Manager of SSC is about to leave.

Click for read solution: How to Manage Customer Experience

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